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Our locations in Frankfurt, Rostock Airport and Vero Beach, Florida, provide ideal conditions for theoretical and practical training. In addition, simulator training courses are held at our Lufthansa Flight Training location in Berlin.


Frankfurt Airport is among the world’s most important airports and is an essential European hub. Here, on the grounds of Lufthansa Aviation Training, is where we have our headquarters. The theory part of the ATPL training course and the MCC (multi-crew cooperation) course are taught in Frankfurt. One of the most modern simulator fleets and the fascinating proximity to international flight operations await our student pilots.

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Vero Beach (USA)

VFR (visual flight rules) training is held in Vero Beach, Florida. The flying school is located on the grounds of the municipal airport of Vero Beach. Vero Beach is especially known for its perfect climate, making it ideal for use as a flight base.

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IFR (instrument flight rules) training is held at Rostock Airport. Our flight base on the Baltic coast is located directly on the extensive grounds of the airport, which is used by major airlines and gives the pilots an authentic feel for the career of a pilot.

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In the German capital, our flying schools use Lufthansa’s full-flight simulators for the MCC training course – which is the last part of the ATPL training phase. Furthermore, trained pilots can book the simulators for training sessions.

Map of the area