Combined expertise.


A great deal of experience, operational knowledge and a real passion for one of the best and most varied careers around: the training of future airline pilots. We introduce the Pilot Training Network team.


Matthias Lehmann

CEO of Pilot Training Network GmbH,
Head of Training

Matthias Lehmann started his flying career in 2001 by enrolling on the Lufthansa ab initio commercial pilot training program. After working on a project for Lufthansa Cargo, he was seconded to Zadar in 2003 to work for PTN where he assisted and deputized for the CFI and head of operations. In 2004 he moved to the headquarters in Frankfurt where he was appointed chief ground instructor. In late 2004 Matthias was trained by Lufthansa to become first officer on the A320 and he subsequently flew for Condor Berlin and Germanwings. In 2007 he became first officer and later senior first officer on the MD-11 at Lufthansa Cargo. In 2011, Matthias Lehmann returned to Pilot Training Network. He became chief flight instructor in 2013 and head of training in 2015. Since June 2016, he has been CEO of Pilot Training Network GmbH. He also has temporary responsibility for training management until further notice. Matthias was born in 1977, he is married and has one daughter.


Volker Ebeling

Chief Flight Instructor

Volker Ebeling’s career as a pilot began in the German air force in 1970 with his training and active duty on the F-104 Starfighter. Starting in 1976, he was active in management positions both as a flight instructor and in flight instructor training for the Starfighter, T-38, and MRCA Tornado in Germany and the United States. He ended his service in the rank of major in 1989 and then worked in Abu Dhabi as a flight instructor on the HAWK MK 63 for the air force of the United Arab Emirates until 1991. In 1992, Mr. Ebeling completed civilian flight instructor training at the Lufthansa flight school in Bremen and subsequently joined Lufthansa Cityline as a flight captain to begin flying on the Fokker 50 and the CRJ 100-900. After retiring in 2013, he switched to Pilot Training Network, where he was first employed as a flight instructor and standardization pilot with FII (A), CPL, IR, and MCCI teaching authorizations for the Boeing 737. In February 2015, he took over the position of chief flight instructor. Mr. Ebeling is married and has two children as well as six grandchildren. His flight experience comprises approximately 19,000 flight hours on 13 different aircraft types.


Glyn Harley

Chief Ground Instructor

Glyn Harley flew in the Royal Air Force from 1986 to 1997 as a navigator in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft as well as being tasked as a tactics and warfare instructor. After leaving the RAF he gained his pilots licence and worked in airline operations before moving into ground training for both military and civilian pilot training organisations. His areas of expertise include the subjects flight instrumentation, mass and balance, flight planning and monitoring, human performance and limitations, meteorology, general and radio navigation and communications. He joined Pilot Training Network in 2007 and soon afterwards was appointed as Chief Ground Instructor. He has published a number of training documents and is currently working on updating the Part-FCL training syllabi in the area of meteorology, navigation, and flight planning in cooperation with EASA.