Jet Orientation Course

Be prepared for anything.


Jet Orientation Course (JOC) at InterCockpit gives prospective pilots the extensive basic skills they will need for flying a jet in a short space of time.

The training course focuses on improving aeronautical proficiency and bridges the gap between flying propeller-driven ATPL training aircraft and piloting jets. Completing JOC considerably simplifies a later switch to a type rating with an airline. In five sessions that build on each other, the complexity increases, as do the demands placed on the pilots.

If you have completed your training at Pilot Training Network, you can take advantage of exclusive special rates.

The prerequisites:

  • Medical fitness to fly (JAR-FCL medical)
  • Frozen ATPL(A) licence
  • Completed multi-crew cooperation course (MCC)

The simulators:

  • Boeing 737 CL in Frankfurt

What’s included:

The training course includes the following:

  • Fees for all simulator hours (Boeing 737)
  • Fees for experienced instructors
  • JOC handout
  • Certificate upon successful completion
  • Map material

You can download the fact sheet on basic jet training here.


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