The fascination of flying

Your dream can come true.


What could be nicer? Having the entire world as your workplace. Flying state-of-the-art passenger aircraft. Experiencing sunrise at 30,000 feet. Being a pilot. For a major airline. A dream? This dream could come true for you – with the ATPL training course at one of the Pilot Training Network flying schools.

Being a pilot is something that can be learned. Those who satisfy the requirements and successfully complete the training course can embark on a fascinating, exciting and varied career. However, those wishing to become a pilot must be clear about the other side of the job: flying is sometimes a really tough job that calls for mental resilience and peak physical performance. That is why the demands placed on applicants and the quality of training is correspondingly high.

Do you want to become an airline pilot? Do you have the courage to take the first step to realise your dream? Then why not talk to us?