Flying is the future.

A job as an airline pilot is a job with a future – that’s because aviation remains a growth industry and is heading towards a stable future. The IATA (International Air Transport Association), the umbrella organisation of the world’s airlines, is forecasting steady growth over the coming years.

The latest global market forecast ('Current Market Outlook 2016–2035, CMO') by Boeing indicates that the number of passenger aircraft in the world will double by the year 2035 – from today’s figure of 22,500 to around 45,000 aircraft. The current study by Airbus ('Global Market Forecast 2016-2035, GMF') confirms this trend.

In short, the demand for well-trained pilots will continue to grow, which is why you should start training now, turn your dream into reality and go for quality. At the Pilot Training Network flying schools, you will become a trained airline pilot in around 19 or 20 months.

If you would like to add another string to your bow besides your career as a pilot, combining the ATPL training with a course of study at university is an ideal way of doing so. Our InterCockpit flying school cooperates with renowned universities with an international focus.